Butterfly in flight


educational days for schools or clubs

We can do educational days for schools or clubs. We like to make sure we work with you on the topic of your choice for the morning giving you information about our work at the sanctuary.

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School Trips

We cater for all age groups and abilities and aim to make school field trips interesting and fun to the animal sanctuary.

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Study Opportunities

We are always pleased to help with research by Universities, Colleges and students where possible.

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Otter Conservation

Learn more about our Otter conservation projects and how we re-introduce Otters back to the wild.

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Otters of the World

Learn about the World's most threatened, vulnerable and endangered otter species.

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Butterfly Life Cycle

As advanced insects, butterflies and moths have a "complete" life cycle.

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Species of Butterfly

Learn about the various species of Butterfly you will see when you visit.

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