Adopt Eurasian Otter Sammy from The Otters Sanctuary, Devon


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Sammy is a male Eurasian otter who was rescued as an abandoned cub in southern Ireland in 2010. He was transferred to a number of rescue centres who attempted his rehabilitation and release. Unfortunately, Sammy became imprinted (tame), so release into the wild became impossible. We were contacted and  offered him a home here at the Sanctuary. He is an expert at somersaults for visitors to enjoy in our underwater viewing area.

As an official adopter of Sammy we will send you your adoption pack, which consists of:

  1. An Otter Adoption Certificate.
  2. A full colour photograph of the otter you have Adopted.
  3. Entrance tickets for 2 people into the sanctuary so you can see the otter you have adopted (valid for one use only!)
  4. An Otter Fact Sheet, which has lots of interesting information about the breed of otter you have chosen.

The Adoption can be in the name of a relative or friend for an animal theme gift. In this case complete the appropriate part of the form and we will send the pack direct on your behalf.
For last minute orders we will e-mail a gift voucher and confirmation details to print off at home in time for the big day.

Please remember, if this is a gift for another person, to let us know the name to put on the all the paperwork.


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